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Chris Pratt Interrupts Interview To French Braid Intern’s Hair

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new york is fucking huge

looking at a map it looks small from a distance, but then when you have to zoom and and look at subway lines, and find a place to stay it’s scary as fuck, why would anyone want a city that big like jesus christ it’s like that city in star wars that takes up a whole planet; it just goes and goes and goes, it never ends. how many dark little corners are overlooked and forgotten? it’s impossible to effectively govern such a large & densely populated mess

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Eurythmics VS The White Stripes
Sweet Dreams are Made of Seven Nation Army





Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) (1983) Vs. Seven Nation Army (2003)


Press play and you will find yourself wearing a long black coat on a windy city street holding a firearm that won’t be invented for another 50 years, your voice will be a full octave deeprer AND YOUR HAIR WILL LOOK PERFECT.

if only Lucifer had his theme song this would be it


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The French have all kinds of worthwhile ideas on larger matters. This occurred to me recently when I was strolling through my museum-like neighborhood in central Paris, and realized there were — I kid you not — seven bookstores within a 10-minute walk of my apartment. Granted, I live in a bookish area. But still: Do the French know something about the book business that we Americans don’t?


France … has just unanimously passed a so-called anti-Amazon law, which says online sellers can’t offer free shipping on discounted books. (“It will be either cheese or dessert, not both at once,” a French commentator explained.) The new measure is part of France’s effort to promote “biblio-diversity” and help independent bookstores compete.


The French secret is deeply un-American: fixed book prices. Its 1981 “Lang law,” named after former Culture Minister Jack Lang, says that no seller can offer more than 5 percent off the cover price of new books. That means a book costs more or less the same wherever you buy it in France, even online. The Lang law was designed to make sure France continues to have lots of different books, publishers and booksellers.


What underlies France’s book laws isn’t just an economic position — it’s also a worldview. Quite simply, the French treat books as special. Some 70 percent of French people said they read at least one book last year; the average among French readers was 15 books. Readers say they trust books far more than any other medium, including newspapers and TV. The French government classifies books as an “essential good,” along with electricity, bread and water.

Amidst America’s Amazon-drama, NYT’s Pamela Druckerman reflects on what the book world can learn from the French.

Still, one has to wonder whether the solution to one monopoly (the commercial) can ever be another (the governmental), and whether that’s truly in the public interest – the “public,” of course, being first and foremost readers themselves. There’s something hypocritical about the proposition that the books are an “essential good” on par with electricity – what government would ever price-fix electricity and deny its citizen the most affordable electricity possible?

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if you consider a woman less pure after you’ve touched her maybe you should take a look at your hands

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Recognision of Israel and Palestine World Map

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fact: the treaty of versailles did more for promoting versailles as a tourist attraction than it did for promoting peace in europe


I was taking a pano of the sky and he ran around me
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I was taking a pano of the sky and he ran around me

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Let’s make guns more like cars. You have to carry insurance at a cost of $1000/yr or more. You have to be licensed. Guns have to be titled and recorded with the state. Guns must have a conspicuous license number displayed on them, which must be renewed yearly at a cost of $100 or more. Guns have to have multiple redundant safety devices like seat belts and airbags. You need a key to operate your gun. Every aspect of gun production and sale would be heavily regulated. Guns would be recalled if they have defects. Guns should have a counter to show how many times it has been fired and that number has to be reflected on the title whenever a gun is transferred. We would have a new federal agency dedicated to gun safety and reducing gun deaths. You would have to present your gun periodically for inspections to make sure it is not a danger to the environment.